Amazon estudia introducir publicidad en los e-books

diciembre 15, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

( Amazon hask expanded its Kindle web app so consumers can purchase and download entire books onto the devices of their choice – a laptop, say, or a desktop. The point is, there is no additional software to download to make the purchase – nor is it necessary to own a Kindle. Another change lets blogger and e-tailors sell Kindle books directly from their websites. There are a number of reasons why Amazon took this step – the long-foreseen launch of Google ebooks being one; the ever encroaching iPad another. The point is, ebooks are migrating to an open web strategy not only for Amazon and Google but also likely their competitors such as Barnes & Noble. And as more companies move in this direction, advertisers are going to going to follow suit, intrigued by the promise of a brand new online medium.


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